What is CoronaVirus Disease Covid-19 Pandemic and How it Spreads, Symptoms and Prevention Read Here

CoronaVirus Disease Covid-19 Pandemic is a very dangerous infection disease for all of us over the world. First patient of CoronaVirus Disease was found in 2019 then it is called Covid-19 Pandemic. Each and everyone is concerned about this health pandemic and this pandemic is being converted into a silent killer more than a world war. So we have to be very careful to stay safe.

As the number of coronavirus infections continues to grow, millions of people have gone into lockdown all over the World to stop the Covid 19 virus spreading.

What is CoronaVirus Disease Covid-19 Pandemic and How it Spreads, Symptoms and Prevention Read Here

Symptoms of CoronaVirus Disease Covid-19 and How it Spreads
Coronavirus affects our respiratory system, eyes, nose and it causes breathing problems. Most common symptoms of Coronavirus are fever, dry cough and breathing problems so if you feel like these symptoms then consult with a doctor as soon as possible. And It spreads from one person to another person while sneezing or coughing openly and it takes 3 to 15 days(may vary) normally to show the symptoms so be careful.

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Stages of CoronaVirus Disease Covid-19 Pandemic
If we want to fight with CoronaVirus, We need to understand the cycle of spreading CoronaVirus between us so that we can come out of this pandemic. This pandemic is spreading in stages to infect more and more so we need to break these stages as soon as possible

First Stage

In this first stage, only one person is infected from the out of country and we know the source of this person’s infection and we can control the CoronaVirus from spreading in this stage and no one else is infected at this stage.

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Second Stage

In this stage, any one person(x) infected from another person(y) who came from infected country but his symptoms delayed while screening and so he forget his isolation and met with all his relatives but after some days he felt sick and tested Corona positive and then his whole family also found Covid-19 positive and thus he met with number of people in which that one(x) was too. So the second stage means that anyone who tested positive without going to an infected country but contacted that person(y) who came from the infected country. Afterall, at this stage too, we found the source of infection and kept all the people in isolation.

Third Stage

At this stage, a person is infected without going abroad and without contacting that person(abroad) with fever, dry cough symptoms and tested positive. It means that the source of infection is not found here. So to find the source of infection at this stage we need to apply lockdown in our whole country so that within some days that infected source can be found. Because symptoms will start to show then he will be brought to the hospital. And due to lockdown all are in their homes so no one else will be infected. Otherwise the condition of the stage third and fourth will be very critical without lockdown because it will make a chain of infections.

How to Stop CoronaVirus from Spreading and Precautions, Prevention
Stay at Home until CoronaVirus Stops Spreading
The only way to avoid contacting with people and to stop spreading CoronaVirus, stay at home and do your favorite task or activity that you always wanted to do. If you stay at home then no one will be infected from CoronaVirus and stay at home will break the chain of spreading it so this is very necessary to be at home and keep yourself in isolation.

Use Face mask and Wash Hands Regularly with sanitizer

This is another necessary way to wear a mask on face so that we can stop coronavirus spreading to each other because when we sneeze then it will not affect others if we wear masks. And we need to wash our hands upto 20 seconds more and more with sanitizers to be germ free.

Social Distancing is Must to avoid CoronaVirus

As we all know that CoronaVirus is being spread through personal contact like hand shaking or touching the infected human or infected things. Humans who have symptoms like fever, cold, body pain, throat swelling etc. So we have to maintain a distance with these people even with all people to fight against CoronaVirus. And thus Social Distancing within us is must to stay safe from Covid-19 Pandemic.

Right Hand Avoidance

As we know that always our right hand is mostly used to do daily task and we also use mostly the Right hand to clear our face, nose, eyes and thus our right hand tends to lead CoronaVirus infection through touching infected things or people but if you use your Left hand to do daily small task like shutting the door by handle, using mobile, playing hand games etc. then chances of being infected, will be less than the right hand. So it will be another way to stay safe and to fight against CoronaVirus.

Do your Gadgets Clean and Sanitize Regularly

These days, while we use our gadgets, we need to be very careful using these gadgets because when we use our smartphone, computer and laptops then we may cough or we may sneeze and our gadgets may be infected. And while someone else will use the same gadgets or devices then the chances of infection will increase for him. So we have to sanitize, clean our gadgets or devices on every use so that we can stay safe and can away the coronavirus.


After reading this article, you now have a better understanding of CoronaVirus amid the Covid-19 pandemic and symptoms of coronavirus and how it spreads.

Now do not take stress due to coronavirus just make social distancing and stay at home, wash your hands regularly and wear masks on your face and you will have to wait untill a vaccine comes. May need support to help people breathing if tested positive.

Note: this is the normal information mentioned above, consult doctor for exact and accurate information as per your body.

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