What are the CAA, NRC and NPR MEAN ?

These days whether you are watching news on TV or reading newspaper then you must notice about these terms CAA, NRC and NPR. And Protests are going on in our whole country against these CAA, NCR and NPR
What are the CAA, NRC and NPR MEAN ?

First of all, we need to know the full form of these terms. CAA stands for Citizenship Amendment Act and NRCstands for National Register of Citizenship and NPR stands for National Population Register
Here we will tell you the actual meaning of these terms so that you can be aware with the right information regarding this.
CAA and NRC both are the laws for citizenship that allow the people to enter and exit in our country but some people are protesting against these laws and some are agree with these laws as per their sense and knowledge as you can see.
What is CAA ?
As per the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), citizenship will be given to the people who belong to communities like Hindu, Sikh, Parsi, Buddhist, Jain and Christian refugees, who all have come from Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Afghanistan to India before 31 December, 2014.
What is NRC ?
The National Register of Citizens (NRC), it is a register that contains the names and relevant information to identify the genuine citizens of India.  This register was specifically made for the state Assam. At present, only Assam has such this register.
In another term, illegal immigrants will be out of this register.
What is NPR ?
The National Population Register (NPR) is a Register of usual indian residents of the country. It is being prepared on every 10 years at the local (Village/sub-Town), District, sub-District, State and National level.
The NPRcomes under the provisions of the Citizenship Act 1955 and the Citizenship Rules 2003 that contains the Registration of Citizens and issue of National Identity Cards.
And this is mandatory for every usual resident of India to be register in the NPR Database that will contain demographic identity and biometric particulars Data.  
What the Protestors saying about these CAA, NCR and NPR
Some people are saying that No one has the right to ask for proof of citizenship from people who are living here.
More they say that The government is clearly doing politics by refusing citizenship to the Muslims under the CAA.
and By implementing NPR, the government wants that we people to be stand in the queue with our papers to prove our nationality. It’s all done only to target the Muslims.
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