Smartphones attacked by WhatsApp Cyberattack using Pegasus Spyware

WhatsApp Cyberattack using Pegasus Spyware
Did your smartphone attacked by a Pegasus spyware ? Did you receive a message from WhatsApp to inform that your whatsapp had been used to spy on your activities.

Smartphones attacked by WhatsApp Cyberattack using Pegasus Spyware
WhatsApp Cyberattack using Pegasus Spyware

Smartphones attacked by WhatsApp Cyberattack using Pegasus Spyware

Recently Facebook owned WhatsApp has confirmed that a spyware application was used in some smartphones.
It was developed by the Israel based company NSO Group. This application spies on people’s smartphones, especially those who are government officials, activists, lawyers & journalists and various countries including India and also globally.


Pegasus WhatsApp Snooping: 
Now the question arises that how this Israeli spyware application broke into cell phones or smartphones then this is how Pegasus works.


Pegasus first sends a link to the target users, and if the target users click on this link, then it is installed on the user’s smartphones and
Once it is installed, then it starts to make contact to whatsapp control servers which allow this application to start commands so that the mastermind techy can gather data of the users from the infected smartphones.


This application has the power to steal your passwords, contacts, calendar info, text messages and voice calls and video calls that were made through messaging apps like WhatsApp.
And the tech hacker also have access to your smartphone’s camera and microphone and GPS features to track your live locations.


And Pegasus spyware could be installed through users’ phone numbers only. And It can also activate the users cameras and microphone to collect data from users. 


To install this Pegasus spyware, users mobile number was only required. And as reported, an SMS or a flash SMS was displayed on the screen of the users smartphones.


After hacking of WhatsApp data by Pegasus spyware application developed by Israeli firm NSO Group then
WhatsApp itself wrote in its blog post that, we have sent a special WhatsApp messages to approximately 1,400 users that they were impacted by an attack in May 2019. And this was to directly inform them about what happened with their smartphones.


Some information has confirmed that some users received an alert by Facebook owned WhatsApp that their phones had been under surveillance in May 2019.


And WhatsApp has also filed a complaint in a California federal court against Israeli cyber intelligence company NSO Group.


And the NSO Group has said that it sells its applications and softwares only to the government authorities and after that it always requests to authorities not to ever misuse it.


How to secure your smartphones from Pegasus spyware attack
Here is a tip that users need to make sure all new versions of applications are updated on their smartphones on time to time.
And The Centre government has also asked to Facebook owned WhatsApp company to respond on this matter as soon as possible.
And last, all this has happened in May 2019, so now not to worry about this.


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