Reasons: Why Google Is Not Indexing Your Blog Posts and How To Fix?

Reasons: Why Google Is Not Indexing Your Blog Posts and How To Fix?
Reasons: Why Google Is Not Indexing Your Blog Posts and How To Fix?

Reasons: Why Google Is Not Indexing Your Blog Posts and How To Fix?

Do your Blog Posts are not Indexing in Google? Having trouble indexing your Blog posts every time you write for your website? even after spending a lot of time on research and efforts for your next blog post but still Reasons: Why Google is not indexing your Blog posts?.

if you have this type of questions then you are at right place here we will discuss all of your indexing related questions and will provide the solutions of How to Index Website in Search Engines? so keep reading here.

How Google Search Works?

Google’s small programs like spiders and crawlers work on your website. Spiders crawl your website and available web pages on your website and then crawled content stored in Google’s index, and now when a user searches for the query then answers are available for the user from the Google’s index.

But before indexing your blog posts, your whole website should be in Google Search. And if you don’t know how to make available or show your website on Google Search then you need to check it so just Type in Google’s Search Engine “” and then press Enter, you will see your website and all blog posts that are indexed if your website is indexed on Google’s Search.

Reasons: Why Your Blog Posts Are Not Indexing in Google Search?

Here we will talk about the reasons that stops your blog content from being indexed. Because if any one of these reasons occurs, your blog post may not be indexed in Google Search. So just take a look and decide what can be the perfect reasons for your website stopping your blog posts from being indexed and Why Google not Indexing New Posts.

Sitemap File not Submitted

If you want to index your website and blog posts in Google Search, then this is the first step you should do for your website. A sitemap file of your website should be submitted in WebMaster Tools. 

Submitting a sitemap file to webmasters tools may increase your chances to be indexed in Google Search. So don’t forget to submit your sitemap files.

Sitemap Files are of two types like sitemap.xml and sitemap.html

Sitemap.xml file is mainly responsible for crawlers to index your website content. Crawler reaches the sitemap.xml file to know what should be indexed in Google Search.

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Sitemap.html is mainly responsible for making indexes of your blog posts on your website. It stores your whole website’s content and all types of blog posts which are categorized in parts. So that if a visitor visits your website then he can identify your website content types, what your website is about and all that.

Robots.txt File Not Submitted

Robots.txt file tells search engine crawlers and spiders which pages crawler can request from your website and used to manage crawler traffic on your site.

A robots.txt file should be submitted in your root file directory. So that it can decide which page should be indexed or which page should be not indexed on your website.

Search Console: Google, Bing, Ahrefs Webmaster Tools Not Used

If you want your website to be indexed in Google Search, you will have to use Webmasters Tools like Google Search Console, Bing Webmaster tools and Ahrefs Webmaster tools. And more you know.

Search console and webmaster tools help you index your website and blog content easily.

Time of Blog Posting Affects your Website Indexing

You know what Google provides a separate crawl time and budget for every website.

Google spiders and bots decide your crawl time and budget according to your update of your website.

If you update your website regularly then crawlers can update your website accordingly and as per your update and your content will be indexed so.

And if you update your website randomly and monthly then crawlers randomly index your website content so it depends on your updation of the website.

Crawl Budget Ended Before crawling New Blog Posts

Crawl budget affects crawling of new blog posts from being indexed. So you need to save your crawl budget by avoiding useless redirections on your websites. If your website’s crawl budget is used in crawling useless redirections then it will be ended before indexing new blog posts. 

Unique and Quality Content Not Available in Your Blog Posts

If you want to index your website blog content exactly, your content should be unique and of top quality. Then only your website will be indexed quickly. So this is the first thing that should be in mind that your content should be unique in anyway. 

How to Fix: How to Get Indexed Blog Posts in Google Search Faster?

So now you have known the most effective reasons for Why Your Blog Posts are Not Indexing in Google Search. And now we will talk about the solution that is How to Fix the issue for Why Your Blog Posts are not indexing in Google Search?

How to Get Indexed Faster in Google Search?

The best way to index your blog post faster in Google Search is the use of URL Inspection Tool in Google Search Console.

If you want to put your blog post for being indexed then copy that URL and paste it to the URL Inspection tool available there in Google Search Console. Here you will see an option Request Indexing so you can use that option for indexing faster in Google Search.

How Much Time Google Takes For Indexing?

Time for indexing the post is not decided. So there is no fixed time to be indexed in the blog post in Google Search. It totally depends on your website update how often you update your website content. And thus it takes time to index your website and it can be days, weeks and even months to be indexed.

Regularly update sitemap in Google Search Console so that Google crawler read and crawl your site for indexing.

Submit your blog post URL directly to the URL Inspection tool for faster indexing.

And keep saving your crawl budget by updating your site regularly and by avoiding multiple redirections in your website.

Your website’s page load speed should be faster so that Google crawlers can crawl your website fast and can add your content in Google index.

And you need to be very careful about all the terms mentioned above so that all your blog posts can be indexed quickly. 

Conclusion: Why Google Is Not Indexing Your Blog Posts and How To Fix?

So now you have a better idea about How to index your blog posts in Google search. And how to fix the issues for blog posts not being indexed in Google. And now you have the solution of How to index Blogger on Google?.

Indexing your blog posts in Google Search totally depends on your updating frequency of your website so keep maintaining your website updation for faster indexing in Google Search.

If you are still facing any issue for blog posts are not being indexed yet write in comment your exact problem which you are facing.

Don’t forget to share it with your friends and thanks for the reading here !

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