If You Want to Grow and Make Money Online then You Should Create a Facebook Page – Secret Tip

If you want to grow and make money online then you should create a facebook page - Secret tip
If you want to grow and make money online then you should create a Facebook page – Secret tip
Dear friends, we all use facebook since a long time, we upload photos, share the news and info on facebook and update status, profile photo. Do you know? We can do alot on facebook instead of all these.

Facebook page is a long lasting formula for your friends and business. Yes because it has no limit for your online presence. Maybe it is your business or fan following. 

while scrolling on facebook you must have heard about facebook page, as people know that Facebook page is the part of facebook account or profile id. You need to sign up for your facebook profile or you can say that you must have a facebook account to create a facebook page. 

Today we are going to talk about facebook page creation, here you will also get to know why you should create a facebook page if you want to grow online and if you want to grow your business online and all its related information mentioned below.

So many people have different reasons to create a page but the most common reason is that you create your brand or business with the help of facebook page. Your fans or your customers can directly connect with you and it helps to grow your business.

There is another reason for some facebook account users that they have a limit on their facebook accounts. means that they have only the choice of connecting 5000 friends on facebook account. You can’t add more than 5000 friends on your Facebook profile.

If you have any type of offline business and have tired of sitting at the site then its time to grow your business and take it online to more and more customers, it can generate leads so that you can get more and more sales.

Might be another case like if you have talent for something like acting then you can post your videos on your facebook page and your fan following will watch your videos and make you viral. And also it can give you earnings if monetized.

A facebook page can give you sponsorships so that you can show the third party’s product on your facebook page and can charge for doing that very easily if you have a huge fan following on your facebook page and thus it can be an online money maker for you. 

Sponsorships can boost your online business through facebook page. So you must create a facebook page.

Do you know that how a facebook page works

You create a facebook page absolutely free and it starts working for you and your business. It is now visible for your audience. Whenever anyone searches for your name or facebook page name on facebook. 

they can see it and check out this if they like it then they can follow you to gain more knowledge from your fan page and can connect with your brand or business and follow it if they are impressed by your business page.  

And you get the benefits of it means that they become your fan on your facebook page and you get a huge number of audience on your page and now your business is online and it works for you even if you are sleeping.

How to create a facebook Page to make online presence and grow your business 

There is a simple process you have to follow to create a facebook page. And you can create it on your facebook app or desktop web version. 
Here are the few steps below. 
Just tap/click on ‘Pages’ inside the facebook app or web.
Here you can see already created pages if any.

Then click on the option ‘Create’ and Name your page here.

Then choose a Category for your page here.

Then Add your website here and you can skip this step if you don’t have a website.
Then Add a profile picture and Add a cover photo letter here. 

And now your facebook page has been created successfully. Now start inviting friends to like your page and start creating a post. And also you can ask friends to recommend your page.

And now the final step you have to do is that you need to fill the details in the About section of your page like your working hours, phone number, your email, a description about your business/personal activity,and your location if it is physical.

Different Facebook Page Templates are available for Your Page

After creation of the facebook page, you need to make it more visible with the attractive look and feature on it. So for this, there are templates available for you to be used for your facebook page look. You can select as per your choice or as per your business.

These templates are available inside your facebook page, you can select any one of them under the Page Setting.

Standard template: it is good for all types of pages, you can select important buttons to follow and showcase your activity.

Business Template: this template is good for all business types, by using this template you can manage all your business works including posting jobs and special offers to your customers. 

Venues Template: this template can help you to highlight useful information like your venue’s working hours, location and upcoming important events.

Nonprofit Template: it is designed to show your cause and can encourage people to fundraise and donate to your nonprofit organisation.

Politicians Template: this template is designed to help politicians to reach their supporters and communicate their messages and other information.

Services Template: this template is designed to help people find your services and get in touch with you.

Restaurants & Cafes Template: this template is designed to show photos and important info about your menu, working hours and work location.

Shopping Template: this is designed to showcase your products and make it easy for people to shop online through your page.

Video Page Template: this template is designed to showcase video content on your page to your visitors.

How you can gain followers on facebook page

This is very common for every new creator that how to gain facebook page folloowers on their facebook page. You need to create a professional and attractive facebook page related to what you do and what you want to do and also add cover photos then update it on regularly with the posts. 

And if you run business on facebook then you should interact with your customers regularly and provide them a feedback form through creating a poll. And update them with the latest products or new information related to customers.
If you run a personal facebook page for your friends then you should invite your known friends on facebook to like your facebook page and you should also update it through posts with text and images so that you may connect with your followers

If you want to gain facebook page followers, you can do another best thing and that is promotion of your facebook page online. You can promote your facebook page through a campaign available on facebook page interface. It will charge some amount of money to promote your page. 

How to Grow your business using Facebook Page
A facebook page provides you a golden chance to grow your business online through advertising (ads). You can choose a Goal for your ads to run. Means that you can go with the automated ads, can go for increasing website visitors to build your business online.

Just tap on the option Grow your business available on the dashboard of facebook’s Facebook Pages Manager app.

What you can do with Facebook Pages Manager?
You just install this app on your phone and start your journey of being an entrepreneur or a businessman. You will see more options here to do.

Here you can directly start with automated Ads, boost your recently posted post or it can be a previously posted. And you can also directly promote your website using an option to promote a website or build your business. It can be more and more beneficial for you. 

When it will enable Facebook Page Monetization?

After creating a facebook page and there are a lot of posts on the page and updating your page regularly from minimum six months and visitors are coming to your pages then your facebook page is eligible for monetization.

After a certain minimum post reach or minimum page reach, you can apply for monetization and then after successfully reviewing your facebook page will be monetized and you will earn some real cash through your facebook page’s content or posts.
FAQs about a Facebook Page in 2020

  1. What is facebook page and why do we need it? A facebook page is your digital presence on facebook. It can be your personal page or it can be your business or brand name where your followers know you and your business and what you offer on a page you get benefits more and more without limitations. We need it because we have to create a bond online.

  2. Do we need a facebook account to create a facebook page? Yes, you need a facebook account to create a facebook page. Without a facebook account you can’t create a page so you must have your facebook profile first.
  3. Can we earn from facebook page? Yes, you can earn from your created facebook page if you upload quality content on your page and regularly update your latest posts and products on your facebook page.
  4. Where can I create a facebook page and how? You can create a facebook page very easily using a facebook app on your mobile or using facebook web on your desktop browser. There is an option for ‘Pages’ you can use for creating a facebook page.
  5. Is there any training to run a facebook page? No, it is very easy to handle your facebook page after creating it. You just need to understand basics like facebook profile activities and that’s all. After creating a facebook page it will automatically provide suggestions on what to do ahead.

So my friends, this is all about from the facebook page creation to why you need it and how it can be created easily and what more we can do using a Facebook Page like you can promote your facebook page, promote your website, you can run ads for your Facebook Page and you can boost your facebook post, you can easily gain followers.

If you have any questions regarding this, you are free to comment below.
Thanks for reading it.

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