How to UnSchool Yourself into a Different School of Thought?

School is the Culprit

Remember the days when your school teacher always used to ask you to…

:stop talking in class. 

:stop going with friends.

:stop being bubbly.

:stop this.

:stop that.

That’s the freaking reason why most people today do not operate to their full potential.

It’s a FEAR

Fear of authority.

Fear of making mistakes.

Fear of being ridiculed.

Imagine if you had studied in a school where your curiosity was encouraged.

Your craziness was appreciated. And Your creativity was unleashed. 

Where you really did not have to conform or succumb to every single instruction.

This type of environment would have created a whole different YOU.

It was the year 2000. I was in 12th grade. The year of the board exams.

The first day of my maths tuition. I walk into the class and sit down.

The master walks in. and He stares at all the students with a fierce look.

Then he says…

“you suffer this 1 year, you can enjoy your whole life..

you enjoy this 1 years, you will have to suffer your whole life”

and the instant rebel inside of me kicked in and I was like ….

“FU” and I’m here to prove you wrong.

And that was the last day I went for tuition.

I did not study maths properly. I flunked my board exam.


Because I did not like the idea of “control” by the maths teacher.

Today, when I think about it. What he said was not true.

Yes, I flunked my 12th. But I was then able to create my own lifestyle, based on my passions. Not based on dictatorship.

But what about most of my friends?

They followed the path of conformity. Today they are earning decent salaries.

But they’re hollow inside.

Because they are controlled by the “money” of their employers.

It’s all good outside. But hollow on the inside.

How do I know this? Because I have had many conversations with them.

There’s no FREEDOM.

It’s like leading your life with someone else having the remote control.

And that feeling is not good.

The corporate world is a mere reflection of the schooling system.

It’s designed that way. It gets you into the matrix.

You feel you have all the luxuries, but deep down you know that you don’t have freedom.

What is FREEDOM?

It’s the ability to work when you feel like, and play when you feel like.

It’s being in your flow and doing what you love.

It’s setting your own schedules and living life on your terms.

It’s designing a lifestyle of choice, where you are able to focus on things which matter the most to you.

That could be personal development.

It could be spirituality.

It could be creative arts.

It could be traveling and bag packing.

All these represent freedom.

And to fuel a life of FREEDOM you need money. Money is a form of energy which enables you to make those choices in life.

Many years back I was having more months than money. Not having money… brought forth a lot of problems in my life.

It started to mess with relationships.

It started to mess with my mind.

It started to mess with my health.

And then I made a decision.

Never ever again, will I ever bring my family into a position where there’s lack of money.

And then I realised that in order to be in that situation in life… the focus must NOT be money… 🙂

Crazy isn’t it???

The focus must be in delivering VALUE and enriching people’s lives.

And when that happens, MONEY follows you.

That’s exactly been my journey in the last 6 months.

When you chase after money… it runs away from you.

When you chase after delivering value to your audience, then money chases you… and will never leave you.

Because of that sense of detachment.

It’s a very counter-intuitive process, but that’s what it takes to design a life of choice.

Schooling has helped people. But it has also created robots in a system. And Some people are comfortable within the system.

But if you are someone who’s itching to unplugged like Neo (from the movie Matrix)…then I could be your Morpheus.

If you are reading this article till this point, I have got your attention, haven’t I? And yes, I care for you.

I know that there’s an amazing life out there waiting for you.

So stop living a life to just please others. Step into your power and start taking charge. You are worth it. You deserve it. 

I work only 4 days a week. I make more money in a day than I used to in a month By leveraging systems.

To create a lifestyle of choice, you need a strategy. You need to follow a proper mentoring system to succeed. 

You are born for greatness… until school screwed up your thinking. I’m here to unschool you, into a different school of thought.

All you need is just focus and perseverance. And you can have money chasing you for the rest of your life. It’s just a simple mindset tweak.

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