How To Transfer Paytm Wallet Money to Bank Account Without Fee Charge: Simple Steps to Follow

Do you always pay additional fee/charge while transferring money from Paytm wallet to your bank account. Don’t worry we have solution to this problem so that you can save that additional fee/charge on your next Paytm Transaction.

Paytm is an Indian E-commerce website and app where you can take advantages of various online services provided under the Paytm app and website.

Paytm has become very famous in india from the time of Demonetization. everyone now using Paytm in india to make all the things easier like from making Online recharges to shopping and Digital Payments and Banking and all at your finger taps only. For doing any activity in the Paytm app, you just do a single tap and you get your work done!

How To Transfer Money from Paytm Wallet to Bank Account

Paytm wallet in your paytm app, is like your physical purse or wallet in your pocket which you use to store some rupees cash amount just like the paytm wallet is. Your Paytm wallet store cash/rupees amount to pay for your needs on the paytm app. So first, you need to add some cash in this paytm wallet by simply selecting Add money option available there under paytm wallet from your bank account’s ATM card or Netbanking.

If you want to recharge your mobile or DTH then you can make payment for that transaction directly from your Paytm wallet.

Steps for: Transfer Paytm Wallet Money to Bank Account

Sometimes we got an amount in our Paytm wallet and we get in trouble to see that how it will be transferred into the bank account.
So do not worry, here is the Trick through which you can transfer your Paytm Wallet Balance into your Bank account. Its very easy trick see it here.

If you want to transfer the whole amount/cash available in your Paytm Wallet into your bank account then you need to buy Gold of that whole amount/cash available in your Paytm Wallet and after buying Gold then you need to sell that purchased Gold and while you will sell Gold, at that time Paytm will ask for your Bank Account details to credit that whole amount Directly to your Bank Account. And hence, your Paytm Wallet balance will be credited/Transferred into your Bank Account Directly. That’s it.

Here is Process you can Follow for Money Transfer from Paytm Wallet to Bank Account Without Any Charge

Step 1 – Just open your Paytm app

Step 2 – Tap on Passbook

Here you will see your Paytm Wallet Balance then go to on First page or Homepage of Paytm app then

Step 3 – In search bar type Gold and tap on it

then here you will have to purchase the Gold of that whole amount available in your Paytm Wallet which you want to transfer into your bank account

Step 4 – So enter amount and Buy gold 

Step 5 – Then tap on Proceed to Pay

Step 6 – Select Paytm Wallet balance To Pay and complete the purchase.

After buying the Gold then you will go into your Gold Locker and you will have to sell Gold now for that whole amount you bought the Gold

Step 7 – Then tap on Sell Gold

Step 8 – Enter Sell in Amount or whole amount available in Gold Locker

Step 9 – Enter Bank Account Information here

Step 10 –Tap on Proceed to Sell

And thus after completing the selling Gold, Your Selling Amount will be credited into your Bank Account directly not in the Paytm Wallet.

And this whole process will take your 4 to 5 minutes and your Paytm Wallet Money will be Transferred into your Bank Account by using this trick of Buying and Selling Gold that’s it.

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