How to Sign a PDF file and How to Make Password Protected PDF file Online

Did you ever see an extension .pdf  in your computer laptop or even in mobile phones? And ever think of what PDF files are? stored in your laptop, computers and smartphones and what the full form of PDF is?

What is a PDF file and how to make password protect PDF files Online
What is a PDF file and how to make password protect PDF files Online

Did you ever face a problem while you think about converting any file to a format as you want to?
Didn’t you know about how to convert any document file to any file format and that too any time and anywhere but an internet connection is required to do so.
You know what, with the internet connection, you can do your work very easily. You can convert any file to any format without installing any software.
And if you want to protect your file with the password, you can easily do this and give the security to your file.
And also you can easily sign your anyfile online and make your file authorised with your valid signature. 

What is a PDF file that is always stored in computers, laptops and smartphones?
PDF is an acronym of Portable Document Format and it is used to describe a document file. Any file saved with a .pdf extension called PDF Document file. And it is called portable because it can be used and open in any device like your computer, laptops and smartphones. Mostly Ebooks are available in PDF Document files so that you can easily read them out.

The PDF Document files can be opened by the software called Adobe Reader in computers, laptops, you just download this software from the official website and install it in your computer laptops.
Your smartphones come with a built in adobe reader so just tap on the PDF document file and it will be opened. And if not, then you need to download an app PDF reader and install it on your smartphone from the official app store or play store.

How to Create Portable Document Format (PDF) File

If you are using smartphone or computer, laptop then you must see the PDF document files stored in your computer or smartphones. And you can easily open them by just one/double click or just one tap then you see a well formatted text and designs in it so one question must arise in your mind to create a PDF document file by yourself.
There are multiple online websites available to create the PDF document file and you can download the software in your computer to create Portable Document Format files. So just open Google and search your query. One of links is here

How to Esign on PDF Document File Free of cost.

While reading a PDF document file, you must have noticed that some pdf files contain signature means that some pdf document files are electronically signed or esigned by the pdf creators. So next time you don’t need to print a document to put your signature on it and then again scan and upload it. 
You can esign a pdf file with your signature stored in your computer, laptops and smartphone.
There are multiple websites available to make your pdf files E-signed.

You just open any one site available online and upload your pdf file and your scanned signature on that website and it will make your pdf file e-signed with your uploaded signature.

How to Protect PDF document files? Free of cost.

The Portable Document Format – PDF files, stored in your computer, laptops or smartphones, can be password protected. How to set Password on pdf file.
you must see such pdf files that are password protected and such pdf files open by entering a valid password so you can also set a password for your important pdf document files and make it authorised document file and password protect pdf.
So to set a password on your pdf files, you can install software or you can go through online websites that offer pdf password protect service free of cost.

Breaking a Password Protect PDF file.

means that after set a password for pdf file, sometimes you need to break a password of pdf file because you may forgotten the password of pdf file. so there is no valid trick to break pdf file password but some tech engineers can break the pdf file password with their high quality password break softwares and they charge for this.

How to Convert to PDF files from any file format

While reading documents online or on your computer, laptops and smartphones, you must notice that the same pdf document file is available in another file format like .doc, .docx, or .ppt format. This means that you can convert them as per your choice or that format you want to. You can easily convert any file from any file format to any file format like: 
Convert to PDF files online
Word to PDF convert
Convert Word documents to PDF files
Excel to PDF
Convert Excel spreadsheets to PDF documents file
Convert PowerPoint presentations file to PDF documents file
JPG file to PDF document file.

And many more types of file formats are available to convert. You can convert any file to pdf format by installing any related software or you can go through online websites that make this conversion work complete for you. You just need to upload your selected doc file and then select your destination file format. Your file will be converted automatically. 


After reading this article, you must get ideas related to PDF document files and now have a better understanding of what is PDF file format and how to open and protect them online with your comfort.
So now you have a better experience of How to Create and Open, Convert, Protect and eSign Your PDF Document File Online
And ask any question in the comment section, Your comments will be appreciated and replied.
All the best.

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