How to Remotely Control Your Android Phone from Another Phone

How to Remotely Control Your Android Phone from Another Phone
How to Remotely Control Your Android Phone from Another Phone

While using an android phone or smartphone, one question must arise in your mind: how can I remotely access my android phone from another phone? If yes, you are on the right place here you will get to know about how to access your friends smartphone remotely knowingly or without knowingly. 

You can easily control your android phone from any other android phone smartly. In this article, we will make you familiar with some easy tips and tricks so that you can use these techniques very easily.

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How can You remotely access or control your friends Android phone from your phone
In these days of the internet, there are various ways to remotely access any android phone from any other android phone. And you will have to require a reliable Internet connection. 
And mostly professionals and Tech Savvy use these ways of accessing a phone remotely. They use some apps with tricks to get access of the android phones which can be held by their friends and their kids. And they can easily track any of the activity that is being in their friends and kids smartphone.

Mostly used Apps to Remotely access a smartphone, pc and laptop

There are various software and Apps available to control the android devices but here we are recommending some most familiar useful Apps. 

Team Viewer-Quick Support
Team Viewer is the best known App for connecting two android devices or two android smartphones remotely. You can easily set up a connection and Remote Control between two android smartphones.
To control two smartphones you will need to install these two Apps, Team Viewer app on one smartphone and another app Quick Support on another smartphone that you want to control.

How to use TeamViewer  Quick Support
You just need to go to your play store or app store and search for an app Team Viewer and install it on your one android smartphone and install Quick Support app on another smartphone which you want to control.

On another smartphone where you have installed Quick Support app and want remote control of that phone, open that app and it will generate an id that is called Quick Support id which you have to enter in your Teamviewer app that is installed on another smartphone. After that a connection will be established between two android smartphones and now you can control another phone with TeamViewer-Quick support apps as another phone’s screen will be shared with you with the help of TeamViewer app.

TeamViewer:        Download the App here

Quick Support:    Download the App here

AnyDesk Remote Control
It is the best free and easy to use Remote Control app you can use on your phone. With the help of AnyDesk remote control app, you can access your pc or phone very easily and you can access all of your devices like windows, android or smartphones, ios all on the go. It is free and for personal use only, for commercial use you need to contact the official site.

How To Use Anydesk
You just need to go to your play store or app store or official site and search for an app AnyDesk and install it on your both android smartphones which you want to control.
First open the Anydesk app on both sides and it will generate an unique ID on both phones. Whenever you want to control any phone, you just need to enter that phone’s unique ID and that phone’s screen will be shared with you and now you can complete your task on the remote android phone.

And to make a Remote Desktop Connection, procedure is the same like above mentioned to follow the easy steps to control a desktop or pc, laptop, smartphones.

AnyDesk:    Download here

AirDroid Remote Access App
This App is another remote control solution for you that provides a familiar interface to easily connect. With the help of this Airdroid app you can control your android phone from your desktop very easily. 

It works like your whatsapp web in any browser. This remote control app comes in two versions like one is free version and another is premium version. In the free version, you can only make a connection but in the paid version, you can do more than just making a connection like you can transfer your important files over the connection from one android device to another android phone.

And AirDroid allows you to access, manage your Android smartphones or tablets from any platform like Windows, Mac, android very easily. And through this app, you can manage your calls, sms and notifications through desktop, laptop.

AirDroid:    Download the App here


After reading this article, you now have a better understanding of how to remotely connect android phones.

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