How to Import Blogger to WordPress with Simple and Easy Way 2021 Updated

How to Import Blogger to WordPress with Simple and Easy Way 2021
How to Import Blogger to WordPress with Simple and Easy Way 2021

Want to shift your Blogger site to WordPress? Want to start a New WordPress site by importing an old Blogger site?

As I know you have a blog on Free Blogger platform which you’d like to transfer to the new self hosted WordPress. Because WordPress will provide you with extra and most effective site designs and functionality using Plugins so there is no worry about how to export blogger and read the full article How to Import Blogger to WordPress.

How to Import Blogger to WordPress with Simple and Easy Way

In starting, most people start their websites on a free Blogger platform as it’s easy to use at that stage when you are just starting out your blogging and when you gain some experience then you feel that you must go for a self hosted CMS like WordPress. and you need to use Blogger to WordPress redirection plugin.

Because it provides more customized tools and features so that your website can boost easily like your competitors. After All WorsPress is the best Blogging platform. So you must think about Importing Blogger to WordPress.

Import Blogger To WordPress

Finally you have decided to move from Blogger to WordPress so you must have Best Web Hosting, Domain Name and then you must have installed WordPress on your hosting and also added the same Domain Name by pointing NameServers (DNS Setting) to your purchased hosting.

If you want to know how to do that then you must read this article: How to Point NameServers (DNS Setting) to Web Hosting so that your same domain can be redirected to your new WordPress hosting.

Now i can assume that you have made all the things ready before importing blogger to wordpress. In which common things are: you have pointed domain name to the new Best WordPress Hosting, installed WordPress and installed your selected theme( Best WordPress Themes For Bloggers ).

You can easily import your Blogger or BlogSpot blog content to WordPress platform and then you can delete that Blogspot website or website content.

This article will help you to import all Posts, Pages, Comments and users from your Blogger blogspot to WordPress.

Blogger to WordPress redirection plugin.

As it is a very easy process of migrating your posts, comments and users because WordPress offers an inbuilt Blogger importer tool so that you can import your blogspot content to WordPress but pages will not be imported as this is the only thing that wordpress can’t access from your blogspot.

No worry, you can easily create pages manually on wordpress after knowing and doing of How to Import Blogger to WordPress.

So by using the Blogger importer feature on wordpress, you can easily import your  Blogspot content or .xml file to WordPress.

Now here we go for import blogger to wordpress

How to Back up BlogSpot blog in .XML extension? h3

Go to Blogger site: how to import blogger posts, pages and comments to wordpress.

Take Backup of Blogger site including Posts, Pages and Comments.

1# Under Blogger Dashboard, go to “Setting “on the left side

2# then you need to scroll down to “Manage Blog” then

3# Click on “Backup Content” then small Download window will pop

4# Then click on “Download” then a .xml file will be downloaded to your computer.

Import Blogger to WordPress Plugin Steps

Now Go To WordPress: you need to import backup (.xml file) on WordPress

this can be done by using Import Blogger to WordPress Plugin in Plugins Section in the left side and this is how to export blogger.

  1. Go to Plugins and Run “Blogger Importer”  and then activate it.
  2. Then go to Tools >> Import >>Run Importer(Blogger)
  3. Click on “Choose file” (select .xml file from your computer)
  4. Then click on “upload file and import”
  5. All done ! have fun.

Now your WordPress website has fully launched so you can visit your site now and check how it looks. and let me know if you faced any problem during how to Import Blogger to WordPress easily.

And feel free to ask any question on Importing From BlogSpot to WordPress. Now don’t forget to share it with your friends and thanks for the reading here !

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