How to Hide/Unhide Local Disk/Drives in Computer/Laptop in Easy Way Guide

hello friends, today we will learn about computer related tricks in which you will learn that how to hide any of your local disk/drives in your computer/laptop when needed anytime.

Why we need to Hide disk/drives in our computer/laptop

Sometimes we need to do this so that our important files and folders can be stored in the particular disk/drive safely and we do not want to share these files and folders with our friends so we can hide these files and folders and even the whole disk/drive from My Computer windows

How to Hide/Unhide Local Disk/Drives in Computer/Laptop in Easy Way
Hide/Unhide Local Disk/Drives in Computer Management

Here Are Some Steps to Follow:

1 Right click on “Windows Start button or Computer icon” then right click on “Computer or computer management“.

it will redirect you to computer management system

2 then double click on Disk Management under Storage tab in the left side of the window.

: here you will see your all local disk/drives of your computer

3 Right click on any drive which you want to hide

4 then click on to “Change Drive Letters and Paths.

: then click on Remove then accept “yes”, then ok

By doing this, your drive will remain here in your computer management section but will be hidden from the list of your computer’s drive-list in my computer window.

How to Unhide disk/drives in My Computer

If you again want to see/unhide or add your hidden disk/drives, 
follow the below steps : 

1 Click on that particular hidden disk/drive (which you will see as unnamed drive that is hidden, 

do right click on that disk/drive and then go to “Change Drive Letters and Paths..

and then click on Add and select a drive letter for that disk/drive then accept “yes”, then ok

and now you can see your that hidden disk/drive in My Computer section and you can access all your important files and folders of that disk/drives in My Computer window.

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