How to Get Clients by Operating Your Business like a Machine?

Hey – this is a little personal, but I wanted to share something I said to my husband last night as we sat down for dinner…

“I felt like I could exhale this weekend like I feel an overwhelming sense of inner calm”.

He looked at me and didn’t question it, he knew exactly what I meant.

How to Get Clients by Operating Your Business like a Machine?
How to Get Clients by Operating Your Business like a Machine?

How to get Clients for a new Business

I’ve always been the type of person who feels all of it. I’m an empath by nature. And regardless of how you operate as a person, the level of unpredictability we’ve all experienced in these last 2 years and the world around us has taken a toll.

I’m not sure if it’s the post-holiday season, mercury retrograde, or the never-ending bad news cycle – but I was feeling it in a big way these last 2 weeks. 

It’s why I’m so grateful for the consistency in my business. It allows me the space to take time to just be and breathe. 

Over the last 4 days, I shut my laptop, hung out with my best friends, made some really yummy recipes, went for a hike, and just tuned into myself. If I was navigating these uncertain times on top of dealing with a business that felt uncertain, I’m not sure I could handle it.

Peace, predictability, and profitability…those are the 3 P’s that have led to my business being wildly consistent during some of the most uncertain times in history.

So, if you are excited to feel something amazing then i want to share with you the Three simple words and these are: Know Your Levers.

All of my clients in The Authority Accelerator are very used to me (sick of me lol) using this phrase but it is the biggest key to peace of mind. 

How to get Clients Fast?

There are a million shiny objects flying at us every single day – new platforms, new trends, new things we have to use or else our business is going to die

No. No. No. I do not prescribe to shiny object syndrome. Once you learn the fundamentals of how to attract clients in your business, those fundamental activities become your levers. 

How to Get Clients by Operating Your Business like a Machine?

See, your business is a machine, and you need to know how to operate it and what levers to pull to get the results you need. 

Otherwise, you’re caught throwing spaghetti at the wall and being at the whim of the latest craze thinking it’s the magic pill you’ve been missing.

How to Get Clients Online?

when in reality – all you do is the traditional tactics only. For me, in our business, we know that our key levers for attracting awesome clients are emails, video training and YouTube videos.

How do I get clients for my business?

Every business is a little bit different and your levers may be a bit different, but when you know what they are, your business becomes predictable. You can project, you can plan, you can breathe.

And when it comes to levers, you always want to have a combination of evergreen and on-demand levers. 

On-demand are activities that generate immediate urgency and results like an email. 

and evergreen generates leads on autopilot over time – knowing how to operate both of these levers makes your business bulletproof.

In our Authority Accelerator program, we walk you through a process of knowing exactly what your levers are so you never run out of ideal clients for your online course business.

There is enough unpredictability in our daily lives, your business shouldn’t be adding to that uncertainty.

How to get Clients on Facebook?

If you have an expertise to share and you’re ready to make a big impact by creating your highly scalable online course and creating consistency in your income, start consuming these three levers i.e. emails, youtube videos and video training.


So finally you now have an idea like how to get clients for small business, how to get clients as a freelancer, how to get clients online, how to get clients for a new business.

And if you are running a business offline and struggle to get clients then you must think about how to get clients fast, how to get clients on facebook and how to make your business like a machine.

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