How to Create Free Website in 2021 and Earn Money Online From Home: Full Summary updated

How to Create Free Website and Earn Money Online From Home: Full Summary
How to Create Free Website and Earn Money Online From Home: Full Summary

Do you want to know how to create a website for free and earn money online from a website? Thinking of starting a website to make money online? Want to know how you can make money online from a free website but don’t have a website yet?

You are at the right place today. we will talk about a full summary on How to create a website free of cost and how to earn money online in 2021 from your own website?

There may be any reason for creating a website but here you will get to know what you can do with your own. Ok let’s come to the point and the point is, You can monetize your website to generate revenue from it instead of running it with text and images only so just create simple websites that make money.

There are more easy ways to make money from a website here we will discuss some of the ways you can make money through so read the full article here on how to create free mobile website and earn money online using website.

How to Create a Website Free of cost and make money online.

However a website can be built with some budget and it can also be built totally free just pay for a domain name in case of free hosting.

There are two ways available for creating a website that are paid and free of cost. If you are a beginner and want to learn first with implementing your knowledge then you must go for creating a free website. And after that you can monetize your website to earn money from it.

And if you have some knowledge about creating a website and how to write articles and how to do SEO of a website and if you have some budget in your pocket then you must go for paid hosting and features and then you can create a premium website.

You can monetize it too for generating revenue.

You can say that by creating a website you can make a huge online presence and gain a lot of visitors and followers that can give you a huge amount of income. And even creating a website doesn’t charge you, it just needs your time and effort for building a website.

How to Create a Website For Free and Earn Money Online From Home

If you have seen this digital world using the Internet and want to earn money online by doing an online business then you must start or build your own website so that you can monetize it and can generate a revenue for your livings so hurry up and make free website and earn money online.

1. Find your niche or hobby, interests. You need to then research for your journey to blogging.

2. Choose Hosting Plan where your website will be stored and live for visitors

If you don’t want to be confused about which hosting is best for you then you must go for these hosting for your website from here:

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3. Then install one click WordPress installer.

4. Choose a domain name for your website so that visitors can remember your website address. And you must pay for your domain name so that your website may look professional and describe your business and brands.

5. Now set up your domain with your hosting and complete all the necessary settings there. And now it’s time to write quality content in terms of articles and monetize your blog or website. As more visitors will visit your website then more revenue will be generated.

How to Make Money Online by Creating a Free Website in 2021: 

Once you have set up your website and are getting sufficient traffic then it’s time to monetize your website and generate revenue. 

There are many ways to monetize your website but here we will discuss just common and genuine ways through which you can make money online after creating a website for free.

  • Adsense Earning
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Sell Ad Space


Adsense is the most commonly used for making money online from a website. You just need to create a website and post quality content and need approval from Google adsense 

and after approval you can make money online from adsense on your website if you are getting good traffic. so go to your computer and search for the terms create free website google.

Affiliate marketing

Secondly you can start earning money from your website through affiliate marketing. And we sure that you must have heard about affiliate marketing if you have a website. So use your website to take approval from affiliate providing websites like Amazon, Flipkart and more.

You just have to do is that you have to promote their products on your own website so you need to add the affiliate links of the products to your site and visitors of your website will purchase the products through your affiliate links on your website.

And after successfully purchasing, you will get some commission on their purchase from your affiliate provider. So its so easy to make earning money website using affiliate marketing. 

Sell your website’s banner ad space

If you own a website then you have the opportunity to make a lot of money from it through various ways. 

Here is one of them that you can sell your website’s specific space like sidebar, header, footer and more as per your choice, for advertising third party products and services. And for selling the website ad space you can charge accordingly from advertisers.

So these are the best practices to understand a domain transfer process

Let’s say if you are running with a website but may be you are not aware of making money from a website. So this article will help you to generate income from a website for free.

Conclusion: How to Create a Website For Free in 2021 and Earn Money Online From Home: A Full Guide Summary 

So now you have a clear understanding of how to earn money from a website and how to create website for free because you always have confusion on How do I Create a Free Mobile website or How to Create Free Mobile Website and Earn Money so this article will be able to give you a structure for making money from a free website. 

So if you are thinking of starting a website and earn money online from a website then you must be aware of how can create a website for free and how to earn money from a website. We have discussed here some common ways to earn money so now create free website and earn money in 2021 easily from home.

If you still have any doubt, write in comment your exact problem which you want to know.

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