How to Check Live Data Traffic at Home using TPLink Wifi Router

How to Check Live Data Traffic using TPLink Wifi Router at Home
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Hello Friends,
today we are going to learn about how to check internet Data traffic live using the TPlink wifi router device at our home with internet access.

In these days, we all browse the internet content and streams live videos on youtube, facebook.

when we get the Internet Broadband Connection at our home to surf and browse the internet. so we need one wifi router device to connect our smartphones and computer/laptop to internet so that we can have internet access in these devices

and a Router device that may be of any company like TPlink(affiliate buylink), Tenda, Dlink etc. comes with at the time of installation of internet connection and given by the internet provider or you can also purchase of your choice.

Wifi Router device has list of users connected to internet:

you can check how much DATA your smartphone is consuming and how much DATA, your computer/laptop is consuming. and any other friend or relative is consuming how much of DATA. you can check this vey easily by using your TPLink router device because this router device makes a list of all internet connected users at the current time

Here are Steps to Follow:

1. Just open your browser and type in address bar: or type an ip address given on the router’s sticker on itself.

2. now a login page, just enter default username and password those are: username- admin, password- admin

3. now go to system tools in the left side and click on Statistics and Enable the setting and then refresh.

:here is the list of currently connected users and when they browse or stream videos on youtube or facebook you will see the live DATA traffic (downloading/uploading) of each connected users, that’s it.

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in this list, you can also find IP address and MAC address of all the users connected to internet so you can easily find that which user is consuming more DATA and which user is consuming less DATA and which user is streaming or downloading videos.

and hence you can check live DATA traffic in any router you purchase because all routers have the feature to show the live DATA traffic of currently connected users.

You can watch the video here:

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