How to Book Unreserved Train Ticket Through UTS Mobile App

How to book Unreserved Tickets Online anytime and anywhere | Train Tickets Online Booking through Mobile.
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Today we are going to talk about UTS app. Whenever we plan and want to go for a long drive or for short duration by trains then the first thing comes in our mind is that a general unreserved tickets.

We have to be in the long lines to get a train’s general unreserved tickets and we face a lot of trouble while in the line to get the unreserved tickets and local railway tickets.

People want their tickets first even in the line and make trouble between people while they all know that they will get the unreserved tickets on their turn in the line. And this all happened all the time on every station to get local railway tickets.

Local Train Ticket Booking Through Mobile

But there is good news if you have a smartphone then all the solution of this problem comes to you in your smartphone. And no need to be in the line anymore ​to get the unreserved tickets at the stations.

Because railway system has launched an app UTS on Mobile to overcome this problem and the name of that app is UTS Unreserved Ticketing System. You can download it from the google’s play store or from apple’s app store. This app is being used to book general unreserved railway tickets online.

How to Book Unreserved Train Ticket Online through Mobile
Book Unreserved Train Ticket Online through UTS on Mobile

Registration on UTS: Book Unreserved Tickets

First, You have to register your mobile number for Unreserved Railway Ticket Booking. This is one time activity and after successful registration, you will receive a 4 digit MPIN as password which can be used for UTS on Mobile Application as well as for UTS Mobile Ticketing Website.

After successful registration, a wallet(RWallet) will be created with zero balance. You need to Recharge R-WALLET to book UTS tickets from your registered mobile phone. And some required details like your mobile number and Aadhaar details will be asked after then.

How it will work in your smartphone !

This app books your unreserved, Platform and Season tickets using your smartphone’s location based on inbuilt GPS feature in your phone. So you need to turn ON your device’s location while booking the tickets.

A Range defined while booking tickets

And there are two ranges/areas have been allocated for this app, that are 5 kilometres and 100 metres​ means that whenever you will book the tickets by using this app, you have to maintain yourself in this range.

How to book Unreserved Train Tickets Through UTS Mobile App: How to Book UTS Tickets onilne

in this step of How Can I Book Unreserved Tickets in UTS App, Firstly you have to be in the 5 kilometres range from the station while booking the tickets, only then, you will see the nearby stations within 5 kilometres as per your location​ otherwise you will not be able to book any tickets. Then select your nearby source station from the menu and then select destination station and book accordingly and pay for it.

Two types of Train Tickets can be booked Through UTS Mobile App

Paperless tickets means you don’t require ticket’s printout just show the saved ticket to the TTE or Ticket checker in the UTS app.

Printout option means you will book a ticket on UTS app but you will need to print that ticket from ticket vending machines​ available at the station. You need to enter your registered mobile number and booking id to print the ticket.

How to Book General Ticket using UTS Mobile App

And secondly, you have to be 100 metres away from the station.

Means that you can’t book the tickets within the station area premises upto 100 metres range. This is because someone can’t book the train tickets while seeing the TTE or Ticket checker in the station premises.

Simply, you should away from the station with a range from 100 metres to 5 kilometres to book the tickets.

What with UTS app ! UTS Unreserved Ticketing System

With the help of this UTS app, you can do more things like you can book Unreserved Train Tickets and you can book the Platform Tickets for a particular station and you can also book Season Tickets.
In the app, you will get the following options​ below.

Normal Booking
Quick Booking
Platform Ticket
Season Ticket
QR Booking

How to Make Payment for Local Train Tickets Through UTS Mobile App

And you can pay for the tickets using any payment​ methods like Debit Credit card, Netbanking, Paytm and BHIM UPI. and you can add money to R wallet to directly pay for ticket from R wallet.

And remember one thing that
You can’t take the screenshot of the booked ticket on your phone just because to prevent illegal tickets sharing with anyone. You will have to just show the ticket in the app on your phone only to the TTE or Ticket checker.

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