How to Automatically Delete Google’s Web And Location Activity Data

How to delete Google’s collected data automatically from your device
Do you ever know the one most important thing about Google, that Google collects lots of data or information through your Smartphone, which is used for content recommendations on Google services like Google Play Store and YouTube, Google assistant app, Google Searches and even market advertisers shows ads to you based on your activity in your Smartphone.

How to Automatically Delete Google's Web And Location Activity Data
How to Automatically Delete Google’s Web And Location Activity Data

As we all know that the Google company gives users a greater and effective control over the users’ data that it collects. And also provides the ability to automatically delete this data at regular interval basis. 

Here we’re going to show you how you can automatically delete your data across all Google’s services and across all your devices.

Do you know that Google manages your Data into different categories and this is the Data which you can automatically delete from all your devices.

Google’s Web history and App activity based Data 
Your Google Assistant app collects Data in the form of text, audio and voice. And this Data also collected by other apps.

And this Data collected from these apps always synced to your Google account that is signed in your device. And all Chrome browsing history and other browsers history also synced to your Google account.

And your YouTube search and your YouTube watch history and your Google Maps history and your GPS location data, All of this data can be accessed from your Google Account’s activity dashboard in your device.

So now we will talk about one reason why you would want to delete this Data automatically.
One reason is that if you set-up auto deletion of your collected Data then you will feel New refreshment regarding your ads and regarding your new search and may be you will not be bored.

And you will get up to date content and ads based on your activities by deleting your outdated Data history.

How to setup auto-deletion of your Google data from your devices
So this Data deletion process is almost the same on your both mobile and web.

1. First Go to your Google activity dashboard here you will need to sign in to your Google account with your Gmail id.
2. Then you have to Click on Activity controls from available left-hand sidebar.
Here scroll down to the data which you wish to manage and delete 
3. then select and click on Manage Activity.
4. On the next page, you have to click on Choose how long to keep under the calendar icon here.
5. then select the auto-deletion time that you wish to delete the Data in a time period that is 3 or 18 months. or you can choose to delete your Data by manually yourself.
6. Then Click on Next option to save your changes that you made recently.

And thus, you have to repeat these steps for each of the types of data that you want to be auto-deleted on a intervals. 

And if you want to delete only your particular Location History
then you’ll need to click on Today in the upper-left corner and 
then you have to click on the gear icon available in the lower-right corner of your device’s screen. 
Then, you have to select Automatically delete Location History 
and then you have to select a time on which you want to delete your Data history.

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