How Can You Enable WhatsApp Fingerprint Unlock Feature in Whatsapp

How to Enable WhatsApp Fingerprint Lock-unlock Feature
Did your smartphone has updated with the new feature that whatsapp recently released. Did you receive an update from Google Play Store for whatsapp to enable whatsapp lock-unlock feature.

How to Enable WhatsApp Fingerprint Lock-unlock Feature
How to Enable WhatsApp Fingerprint Lock-unlock Feature

its enough to be feel like boared by opening whatsapp like as normal now it has been changed so that you feel like a fresh change and this all will be happen while you will update and enable your whatsapp.

Now you also don’t have to worry about someone check your whatsapp messages because
Recently WhatsApp has updated a feature that adds an extra layer of security to your whatsapp media and whatsapp messages in your smartphone.

This unlock feature is similar to any other fingerprint unlock feature that is used to protect smartphones data.

And this whatsapp unlock feature has already updated for iOS smartphones. And now it’s released for Android smartphone users on Google Play Store.

Setup Fingerprint unlock feature for whatsapp
Here are the steps you have to follow to enable fingerprint unlock feature.
  1. Just enter to Play Store and update your whatsapp application
  2. Now open whatsapp and go to settings
  3. Tap on the option Privacy
  4. Turn on Fingerprint unlock option
  5. Scan your fingerprint here

You can also decide the time duration for this lock and unlock feature and this Fingerprint lock will be automatically enabled after a particular time period Like Immediately or after 1 minute or after 30 minutes, you can select as per your choice.

And you can also setup your media content that it can appear in the notification or not. This setting can be enabled or disabled in the same time when you fix your whatsapp fingerprint unlock feature.

So the next time, when you will open your whatsapp, it will ask for your Fingerprint to enter in your whatsapp account. you will feel like a really new experience.

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