Benefits of Sleeping with Onions in Your Socks: A Must Read Fact

Did You Know The Amazing Benefits of Sleeping with Onions in Your Socks
Did You Know The Amazing Benefits of Sleeping with Onions slices in Your Socks

Did you know the amazing benefits of sleeping with onions in your socks 

does anybody truly believe that sleeping with onions in your socks, has any health benefits ? if not, so please start believing the same. 

because in this article you will learn the things that may convince you otherwise a good number of people around the world swear by keeping onions at the soles of their feet overnight.

The medicine practice of foot reflexology, practitioners of reflexology believe that different points on the feet correspond to other parts of the body in stimulating an area of a foot you provide health effects to its corresponding parts similar like putting onions on your feet will help stimulate the connected parts of the body but whether you believe in reflexology or not, the practice of using onions on your feet makes sense. the foot is home to tens of thousands of nerves. 

the pungent properties of onions should be able to stimulate all those nerves and offer remarkable advantages to the body. Additionally when absorbed through the skin, the body can gain the scientifically proven benefits of onions.

no matter what you believe but here are some benefits of sleeping with onions in your socks

antibiotic and antimicrobial
onion extracts have potential antibiotic properties this is perhaps the reason why many practitioners of traditional medicine use it to get rid of common illnesses like the flu or cough by putting onions on the soles of your feet.

your body absorbs the onions phytochemicals, according to a study published by the critical reviews in food science and nutrition, these phytochemicals are both antibiotic and antimicrobial to anti asthmatic.

in a 2014 study led by researchers from the National Institute of Food Science and Technology, onions were cited for their potent anti-assad effects.
And onions have long been used as a natural treatment for respiratory illnesses including asthma

to recover from an attack
it helps minimize your risk of triggering 1-3 antiplatelet and anticoagulant drug monitoring platelet activity is critical. in fact many heart patients require maintenance medicines that inhibit platelet activity in the same.

study by the National Institute of Food Science and Technology, onions were cited as a functional food with remarkable antiplatelet and anticoagulant of heart disease and stroke for anti-carcinogenic.

in 2015, a group of researchers based in Italy studied the antioxidant effects of onions, they found that the phenolic compounds found in onions are the same ones that you would absorb through the skin.
when you sleep with onions in your socks, it helps fight cancer like other proven antioxidants. onions suppress the proliferation of carcinogens and inhibits tumor growth.

Onion as anti-diabetic 
in a preliminary study published by environmental health insights, in 2010 researchers found that onions have incredible hypoglycemic effects that means it can support proper balance of glucose level.

People with diabetes
additionally, an animal study conducted in 2012 showed that onions have potential benefits in helping diabetes patients control their weight.

So these are the benefits of sleeping with onions in your socks which are rooted in both areas traditional medicine and scientific research.
although it might seem a little odd but there’s no harm in trying it apart from having no adverse side effects.
it’s an incredibly cheap natural remedy for good health.

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