Affiliate Disclosure

An Affiliate Disclosure –

Here at OnlineHelpSpot, we review and mention the useful products and services of third party that we believe it is good service provider.  and this is the main vision of our affiliate disclosure here that if we believe it is a good and useful product or service and 

users also can avail benefits of that product or service only then we refer users to the product via affiliate links that means we may receive commission or a form of compensation on that if users or readers (visitors on this website) buy the product or service we recommend through our affiliate links.

You will have to read all the information including the terms and conditions of the products and services at the actual provider’s website to know actually what they are offering.

Reason for affiliate disclosure?

Because this website  is purely owned by an Indian and i am not required to comply with the 

FTC Affiliate Disclosure Policy but understanding this is the right thing for everyone. if you have any question in your mind regarding affiliate disclosure read here.